Partnering Manufacturers on the road to Net Zero

Manufacturing regulations and demands are ever evolving to support a green future.


Most manufacturing companies are working on what a low carbon future means for their business, and are faced with a tough challenge to reach Net Zero by 2050. Short term pressures should not distract focus from the main challenge of reducing CO2, kWh and ultimately cost from their business. With increasing pressure from consumers, legislators, and shareholders, manufacturing must “act now” to futureproof their business.

From looking at what needs to be undertaken today, tomorrow and in the future, your roadmap can be planned, with capital committed at the right time. There are no doubt challenges ahead and strategic partnerships to help plan and execute the vision will be key.

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Manufacturing accounts for 65% of UK R&D and 16% of total investment.


It all starts with understanding the legislative environment, corporate goals, and the challenges facing your business. Once we understand what your goals are, and the key drivers, we can plan what is required, ensuring we have key milestone targets along the way. Our service can cover everything form looking at the supply side energy contracts in place, to ensure they are negotiated to achieve both cost and carbon objectives, to guaranteeing we eliminate as much energy waste from your operations as possible. All of the work we undertake is underpinned with our world class data measuring and reporting offering, which is used to focus on business outcomes. We want to ensure that success can be delivered, measured, and validated for maximum return on investment.

Key Benefits

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Strategic partner to help reduce Cost, Carbon and

Specialist supply and demand side reduction experts

Complete Net-Zero long term planning and execution

Engineering expertise across a wide selection of
Manufacturing sectors

Single provider to address all your energy needs in

Minimise downtime with production line IoT monitoring



We understand that not all companies needs are the same, so the services we offer have been designed to ensure they can be delivered as standalone solutions, or together as part of a longer term strategy. On the supply side we offer a full suite of energy procurement options, from import to export, onsite generation, renewable generation, to corporate power and gas agreements direct with renewable generators, all designed to ensure they meet your cost and carbon requirements.

When it comes to the energy being consumed on site, we look at every system, production line, and piece of equipment to ensure no stone is left unturned to improve the efficiency of your operation. As all factories move towards Industry 4.0, we also have the skills and services to ensure we can harness the power of data and the Internet of things (IOT) to improve uptime, reduce waste, reduce operational PPM costs, all whilst ensuring cost and carbon reductions.

Manufacturers must now place Net-Zero carbon emissions at the heart of their planning in the knowledge that the government and customers will demand ever increasing action, and agree a spend to save investment plan for the long term. At Optimised, we see ourselves as your strategic partner to help with the planning, and the delivery, of carbon reductions in the most cost effective manner possible.