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A 20% cut in energy costs represents the same bottom line benefit as a 5% increase in sales.

Reducing heating temperatures by 1°C can reduce energy consumption by as much as 8%.


In a typical retail store, almost 73% of the energy spend is HVAC, hot water, exterior and interior Lighting, so optimising the BeMS system can have a significant effect on energy usage and waste. The opportunity to optimise HVAC, lighting and Building energy Management Systems exists in almost every retail chain, providing a quick payback period for the organisation paying the bills.


In a food retail store, refrigeration is the largest single energy consumer, typically using between 40-50% of the stores total electricity consumption. HVAC and Refrigeration are generally installed using separate controls systems, but both systems have impact on each other. Integrating the two systems will improve the stores overall efficiency and extend asset life.


We work with retailers providing technology and expertise to minimise the wasted energy and ensure that their facilities are running as efficiently as possible with minimal or no capital expenditure.


Optimised Retail scales with the size of your facility or estate and the energy consumed, which is then directly linked to an enablement and annual fee to ensure your retail store is not only optimised but remains this way for the long term.

Optimisation and integrated control of door heaters and AC systems during summer & winter periods can reduce energy consumption by up to 50%.

We have the expertise in the detailed construction of energy invoices. This includes all aspects of site characteristics and legislation that impacts charging structures enabled enables us to challenge suppliers in complex areas that most invoice validation procedures ignore.


We know how to ensure renewable generators have received 100% of the income they are owed through detailed PPA reviews, including subsidies and all embedded benefits.

We have a team of certified assessors that can maintain compliance for your buildings, whether this is via obtaining relief for the Climate Change Levy, we’ll secure the necessary CCA for you, providing ESOS audits, preparing your annual Energy & Carbon Reports (SECR), EPC, DEC’s and TM44 Inspections.

We provide innovative solutions to sell or buy green gas and electricity. Working closely with both renewable producers and large energy users, we understand what works. We know how to ensure renewable generators have received 100% of the income they are owed through detailed PPA reviews. We understand that maximising is more important than focusing solely on the unit rates. Our experts can assess your technology and controls systems to help minimise downtime, and implement more rigorous conditioning, monitoring and optimisation.

"Up to 80% of our engagements have resulted in refunds to our clients."

"£12.7m cost savings identified during


"80GWh under management from our Optimised Bureau."


Although Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration are all separate systems, these should be brought together as one to interact with each other, providing a conditioned environment for the building. By looking at how each element of an HVAC systems complements the other, our team of experienced engineers can fine-tune the system to optimise the performance, energy consumption and environmental conditions of the space. The cost of electricity, gas and water is a major overhead for most retailers in these challenging times and any savings are typically welcomed by most retailers, but there are benefits beyond financial savings.


Being energy efficient helps to fight global climate change and that is a positive message for customers who are increasingly choosy about buying from green and ethical suppliers. It can also improve the store environment, making customers and staff alike more comfortable as they shop and work. Occupancy sensors can reduce lighting in stock rooms or offices and achieve savings of up to 50%, while energy saving modern lighting can cut energy by up to 80% compared to standard ones.


Controlling energy use often makes conditions more comfortable for customers and staff - and happy customers will be more encouraged to return. Energy efficiency, building energy management systems, integration and energy capital projects can be challenging, time consuming and somewhat daunting for retail management teams - our team of energy experts become your outsourced energy manager(s) to take care of these on your behalf.


Optimisation is our business, and ‘Optimised Retail’ wraps all things energy into a single proposition, based upon your needs. Providing you with a single supplier that can optimise the efficiency of your retail stores and ensure they remain optimised for the long term through technology and expertise. We do this with a joined-up approach that ensures you maximise the efficiency of each element, and that they don’t compromise each other through conflicting services and strategies.


Utilising our Optimised Analytics platform, using proven business rules and logic in both HVAC and Refrigeration systems, we can reduce site visits, energy consumption, reactive & nuisance work orders, maintenance costs due to early intervention, perishable stock loss, whilst extending the life of your assets.

Key Benefits

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Full HVAC/BeMS Optimisation can generate savings between 15-20% of your total energy spend

Typical ROI of 12 months if optimising existing assets (includes some repairs and controls works)

Typical ROI of 24-36 months if BeMS controls require installing.

Refrigeration Optimisation, monitoring and predicting can save up to 5% alone

Experienced team of engineers who have worked with national retail clients

Alarm management - real time diagnostics to manage alarms and action accordingly (reducing callouts and costs)


Regardless of whether your facility has undertaken extensive energy saving initiatives or this would be the first, we are confident that the savings will exist.


We will review the BeMS operation including time schedules setpoints and control strategies along with any energy consumption data that will help us identify where energy is being wasted. We will also review the physical HVAC plant and identify areas of savings from assets configured incorrectly, equipment in manual and areas that require maintenance or repair. All of which will then be turned into a strategy agreed with the client and documented to get your retail stores back on track.


Integrating door heaters and ventilation systems along with the AC Systems can significantly increase energy savings, avoiding unnecessary energy usage and different systems fighting with each other.