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Have you seen the View?

Meet the world’s most advanced air quality sensor, the Airthings View Plus.

This exciting new product from Airthings, allows consumers and businesses to maintain complete control over their air, empowering them to breathe better.

Airthings are specialists in producing world-class indoor air quality and radon sensors for homeowners, businesses and professionals. Their latest release, the View Plus, is the company’s most advanced device to date.

Incorporating battery power and wifi enablement, the View Plus boasts a range of sensors, including:

Invisible to the naked eye

PM detection is a new addition to Airthings’ range of product capabilities and will provide a level of insight into air quality, both at home and at work. The term “particulate matter” describes microscopic particles in the air, which can include anything from dust and pollen to pollutants emitted from car exhaust, industrial activity, wood-burning stoves, smoke from wildfires, cooking, cigarette smoke, and pets, and more.

While invisible to the naked eye, the impact of PM on our health can be colossal—it can irritate lungs, agitate pre-existing conditions such as asthma, and can even contribute to serious illnesses, such as heart attacks and coronary artery disease. The only way to combat PM in your air is to gain awareness of its presence and take informed action, which is where View Plus can help. The product features a built-in particle sensor that can detect PM2.5 and PM1, and provide users with continuous access to data, as well as notifications to alert them about changes in their air.

Customizable to everyone’s needs

With a sleek and minimalistic design interface that will appear right in any building, View Plus adapts to your surroundings, showing you the most relevant data based on your location. It also allows for customization options for users who want to prioritize the air quality data that matters most to them—whether it be PM, CO2, humidity, or something else.

Gaining an understanding of your air with View Plus is as easy as waving a hand in front of the device for a color-coded air quality check. Users can log into the Airthings Dashboard for

in-depth insights into their air or open the Airthings app for a quick and easy view of their air

quality levels. View Plus is wireless and WiFi-enabled, offering access to your data anytime, and anywhere, with a battery life of up to two years. It can also be easily integrated into your smart home system using IFTTT, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

In addition, View Plus has a built-in Hub functionality, so you can expand your system and bring your other Airthings devices online.

In comparison, the View Plus for Business connects to the Airthings for Business solution over SmartLink using the Hub, allowing for a battery life of up to four years. View Plus can be placed in any home, school, office, restaurant, or other commercial buildings—making for a convenient way to transform indoor air quality from an invisible threat to a visible, understandable, and controllable aspect of your life.

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