Our Results



Delivering business outcomes for our clients.

We have a culture and ethos at Optimised Spaces that is focused on delivering results for our clients. Whatever that result might be, we never lose sight of the goal we are looking to achieve and everyone in the is committed to this value.

Your aspiration is our challenge and once engaged one that we will be highly focused on delivering. We are a facility management company that’s different. We deliver a great service, to great clients with quality corporate office space that they really value.  

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Optimised Buildings were commissioned to reduce the energy consumption by 10%. 73 Superdry stores across the UK now in optimisation program.

16% KwH reduction
£117,811 savings (2018)
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Optimised Buildings were commissioned to  ‘optimise’ the BeMS and monitor the potential impact on energy savings that this would generate.

22% energy saving of HVAC
<7 months ROI